Welcome to Specialty Curtains & Blinds

At Specialty Curtains and Blinds we are fully committed to providing the very best results and value for money for all our clients.

Our facilities are second to none, utilising the very latest in European machinery and technology compiled with a wealth of experience in the local industry and market.

Our staff are highly trained professionals who take pride in producing work of the highest standard, this is backed by a stringent quality control and customer satisfaction policy.

Specialty Curtains and Blinds have developed a reputation as leading providers of commercial soft furnishings. Our company is operated in partnership with an enviable client base and leading suppliers throughout Australia.

We build long term relationships with our clients because we take the time to understand their needs and we treat every job as our passport to future business.

We operate the most advanced curtain manufacturing facility in Australia, and continue to improve our benchmark quality control systems.

From small works, maintenance programs to major projects Specialty Curtains have proven skills to manage schedules providing high quality results whilst working in occupied premises.

Based from our offices in Welshpool, Specialty Curtains and Blinds have been providing services to various market sectors throughout Western Australia.

At Specialty Curtains and Blinds it is our aim to complete your project on time and on budget. We look forward to meeting your furture requirements.

We specialise in the full spectrum of commercial applications that include:

• Aged Care Facilities
• Hospital and Medical
• Commercial Buildings and Offices

• Schools and Universities
• Hotels and Resorts
• Stage, Cinema and Theatre Aplications